Enhancing Internal Quality Assurance Systems
Enhancing Internal Quality Assurance Systems

   The project ‘Enhancing Internal Quality Assurance Systems’ (EIQAS) is concerned with internal quality assurance (IQA) in higher education and has two objectives: 

  • to increase the capacity of higher education institutions in the participating countries to develop internal quality assurance by enhancing their awareness and understanding of Part 1 of the ENQA Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area and identifying, developing and disseminating good innovative practice in internal quality assurance; and
  • to increase the capacity of the participating QA agencies in external quality assurance by comparing their methodologies for the assessment of internal quality assurance and exchanging and developing good practice in IQA assessment. 

   The EIQAS is the first project specifically designed to support the development of IQA and bringing together both national QA agencies and HEIs. it will produce four main intellectual outputs: a reference framework for comparative analysis of the participating Agencies’ methodologies for the assessment of IQA as part of EQA and a comparative report on their methodologies, a Guide to IQA including more detailed practical guidelines on Part 1 of the ESG and examples of good practice, and a Student Guide to Part 1 of the ESG
The project is directly targeted at all HEIs, the QA Agencies and their external experts, including students, in the participating countries. While only selected HEIs will directly participate in the project activities either as the project partners or as members of the National Consultation Groups, the Guide to IQA and the Student Guide to Part 1 of the ESG to be produced as key project outputs relevant to HEIs will be available to all HEIs and students in each country. 
Indirectly, the project will address QA agencies and HEIs in other countries of the European Higher Education Area through dissemination activities.

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